2015 Submissions

2015 Submissions

Management and policy submissions 2015

presented by the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council - LegaSea

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council has an experienced fisheries management, science, policy and legal team. The Council has proudly and determinedly represented our recreational fishing and environmental interests for 58 years. 

We strive to present cogent arguments and develop policies with the objective of ensuring that sustainability measures and management controls are designed and implemented to achieve the purpose and principles of the Fisheries Act 1996. 

Nathan Guy, the Minister for Primary Industries, is obliged to take a precautionary approach when managing fisheries with uncertain, unreliable or inadequate information. This applies to most of the fisheries we consider important. 

Due to the extensive, nationwide interests of our 57 clubs, the Council submits on a range of issues and proposals. 

Given these broad interests our team engage in a variety of processes while reaching out to the public through LegaSea. 

LegaSea provides public-friendly information so you can understand the complex issues and threats facing our recreational fishing and environmental interests. 

What follows is a summary of submissions made during 2015. More will be added during the year. Latest documents are at the top of the lists.

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Submission. Fisheries system review. 14 December 2015

A joint recreational submission that sets out fisheries management 101 - First set a very strong environmental standard and stick to it, then ensure that commercial users pay a fair fee for the commercial exploitation of common property fisheries resources. The rest is detail. New Zealand's fisheries management system fails on both counts.

Submission. Marlborough Sounds Blue cod. 30 June 2015

A series of recommendations has been made to rebuild the Marlborough Sounds Blue Cod 7 fish stock, and enable reasonable access for recreational fishers. This is a joint effort and submission by the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council, LegaSea supporters, the Marlborough Recreational Fishers Association and the Coalition of the Combined Clubs of Wellington. 

Submission. Crayfish. 5 stocks nationwide. 17 February 2015

Crayfish (red rock lobster) are a prized catch and important ecologically so it is critical we protect the stocks from over-exploitation. The NZ Sport Fishing Council's fisheries management team is currently reviewing the latest proposals for the future management of five stocks nationwide. Relevant documents are available online. The submission is being drafted and will be posted online as soon as it is finalised. Submission deadline is 17 February 2015. Crayfish submission 2015