Species Management

Species Management

Species Management

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council is committed to ensuring that sustainability measures and management controls are designed and implemented to achieve the Purpose and Principles of the Fisheries Act 1996. This Act permits the Minister for Primary Industries to take a precautionary approach when managing low-knowledge fish stocks. 

The Council has over 32,000 affiliated members from 57 clubs. Our members and supporters have an interest in a broad range of marine life, ecosystems and fisheries. Particular interest in fisheries ranges from seaweeds and baitfish to the large pelagics that seasonally visit our shores. 

To protect and promote our member's and supporter's interests, the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council submits in response to a variety of fisheries management proposals, policy discussions and marine protection initiatives.

Aside from making specific submissions, the NZSFC maintains ongoing advocacy and management input on these and other issues.

LegaSea is the public face of the Council. On behalf of the Council LegaSea provides public friendly information about these and other processes that are important to the sustainable management of fisheries for future generations.


Species of Interest











Blue cod 7       Submission          
Blue cod 5             Submission    
Blue cod 8             Submission    
Blue moki 3         Submission        
Bluenose             Submission    
Coromandel scallops     Submission     Submission      
Crayfish/ rock lobster Submission Submission Submission Submission Submission ongoing advocacy & management input
Hapuku/Bass                 Submission
Inshore - Elephant 5, Ghost Shark 2 & 8, Gurnard 3 & 7, John Dory 7                  
Kaikoura shellfish   Submission              
Kingfish             Submission    
Kingfish 7           Submission      
Marlin           ongoing advocacy & management input
Pacific bluefin tuna             Submission    
Paua 5D           Submission      
Red Cod 2 & Flatfish 3   Submission              
Rig 2 (SPO 2)             Submission    
Scallops - Coromandel           ongoing advocacy & management input
Scallops - Southern (SCA7)   Submission     Submission        
School Shark                 Submission
Sea perch 1           Submission      
Seven gill sharks                 Submission
Sharks and shark finning           Submission      
Skipjack tuna         Submission        
Southern bluefin tuna Submission         Submission      
Snapper 1           Submission      
Snapper 7           Submission      
Surf clams (QMA7)     Submission            
Tarakihi                 Submission
Whitetip sharks                  

Areas of Interest









28N rights 28N rights report MFish Commercial view 28N rights  
Animal Welfare Act review   ongoing advocacy & management input  
Aquaculture - submission         Submission    
Auckland Draft Plan - submission     Submission        
Charter boat reporting - submission           Submission  
Deemed value rates Submission Submission          
Fisheries Act 1996 Amendment Bill - submission           Submission  
Fisheries Act Amendment Bill - supplementary            Submission  
Fisheries Services & Research projects           Submission  
Foreign charter vessels - submission     Submission        
Hawkes Bay fisheries ongoing advocacy & management input  
Maunganui Bay closure Submission            
MPA Draft Classification & Protection Standards             Submission
Special Permits - New Ministerial purpose           Submission  
Special Permits - Taranaki management controls   Submission          
Te Korowai Marine Strategy     Submission