Snapper Management

Snapper Management

Snapper Management in NZsnapper management in new zealand


Snapper has sustained generations of New Zealand settlers since the 13th century, but the advent of industrial fishing has reduced available fish numbers, altered ecosystem function and the productive capacity of our inshore areas.

What we enjoy today is nothing compared to what we inherited or what we are likely to pass on to future generations.

If we want to have any confidence our grandchildren will be able to sustain themselves from the sea we need to be bold enough to own up to our impacts and set in place a strategy of restoration. Now. 

Snapper is a highly valued inshore fishery. The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council, its affiliated members and LegaSea supporters are working to rebuild snapper populations for future generations. 

Snapper management and advocacy

Below are links to our record of various snapper stocks and how the NZSFC has contributed to their ongoing management. Click on the right-hand image or link to read more.

Submission - Snapper 1. 23 August 2013

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council acknowledge the 2013 Snapper 1 review process was not about sustainability, the fishery was rebuilding, it was about allocation. That is, who gets what fish now and more importantly how the fishery is split in the future. 

A comprehensive list of campaign, event, submission and process documents is here for the......Snapper 1 review

Submission - Snapper 7. August 9, 2013snapper 7

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council recommends a new allowance be made for fishing related mortality, recreational harvest and an increase in daily bag limit in the Marlborough Sounds, in recognition of the increased abundance of snapper. 

Relevant documents, the proposal papers and decision letter is available here for the......Snapper 7 review