Future Of Our Fisheries

Future Of Our Fisheries


Future Of Our Fisheries

Fisheries Management System Review 2016


On 11 November 2016 the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) released the Future Of Our Fisheries (FOOF) consultation documents with the stated intention: “to future-proof New Zealand’s fisheries management system”.  A series of public and sector meetings have been held around the country. Submission deadline is 23 December 2016.

Given the significance of these discussions the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council (NZSFC) believe it is unreasonable to be given such a short period for consultation amongst our membership. As a largely volunteer organisation it has been a challenge to explain and engage with our members especially at this busy time of year.

Our NZSFC Fisheries Management - Marine Protection team reviewed the Ministry's five volumes of information and issued a Preliminary View on 9 December. Feedback has been sought from members and supporters. That feedback has informed the final NZSFC submission. The submission has been endorsed by the New Zealand Angling & Casting Association and Yachting New Zealand. 

Relevant information

This Review follows the 2015 review, which spanned August to December 2015. That process is covered onsite at the Fisheries System Review 2015 page.

Technical Advisory Group

In late 2016 Nathan Guy, Minister for Primary Industries, appointed a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to consider the future management options developed by MPI. TAG was also tasked with meeting selected parties who had submitted to the 2016 review. In December 2016 LegaSea received an invitation to meet with TAG on 1 March. This invitation was accepted and extended to several groups with non-commercial fishing interests. A record of the process is provided below. 

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Letter to TAG. LegaSea. 3 March 2017

A letter from Richard Baker, spokesperson for the joint non-commercial interest groups, to the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) thanking them for their time at the 1 March meeting. This letter provided clarification of the main points the group wanted to convey to TAG. It also provided links to the substantial Fisheries System Review submissionmade in 2015, which TAG members had not read. 

Report. Meeting with TAG. 1 March 2017

A team of 12 from various non-commercial organisations attended a meeting with the Ministerial appointed Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on 1 March 2017. The meeting was a useful opportunity to discuss the main points in the joint submission made in December, and highlight our vision for the future management of our fisheries. Meeting report dated 3 March 2017.

Letter to TAG. Yachting New Zealand. 27 February 2017

David Abercrombie, Chief Executive of Yachting New Zealand, writes to the Chair of the Technical Advisory Group, Sir Rob Fenwick. Yachting New Zealand endorse the NZ Sport Fishing Council and our efforts to advocate on behalf of our members and wider non-commercial fishing interests. David apologises for not being available to attend the meeting with TAG, and urges TAG to take careful note the Council's input into the Fisheries of our Future review. 

Summary. One-page submission summary. January 2017

This one-pager summarises the submission made on 23 December 2016 in response to the Future of our Fisheries (FOOF) proposals. The submission was a joint effort by NZSFC members, the NZ Angling & Casting Association and LegaSea supporters. We contine to advocate the benefits to the nation of having policies and active strategies that will deliver more abundant fisheries. 

Submission. Joint recreational. 23 December 2016

This submission is a joint effort by NZSFC members, the NZ Angling & Casting Association and LegaSea supporters. We raise concerns that recreational fishing is given only superficial consideration. Part of our submission focusses on what the future of recreational fishing could look like and the national benefits that would follow. Recreational fishing could generate up to 10 times the GDP of commercially caught fish, offering foreign exchange earnings with over 100,000 visitors spending money on fishing while visiting NZ, with unlimited growth potential. 

Preliminary View. NZSFC. 9 December 2016

Throughout the four consultation volumes there is a tone of over-reach and exaggeration of the benefits of these proposals, and the gains possible with new technology. There are also opportunities for submitters to promote a recreational perspective on the proposed changes. This document is an overview of the proposals. It is likely there will be a second consultation process on the detailed changes before they are introduced. 

Terms of Reference Technical Advisory Group. MPI. December 2016

In December 2016 MPI announced the appointment of a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) chaired by Sir Rob Fenwick. TAG's purpose is to provide independent advice to the Director-General, MPI, as the FOOF policy is developed, and on any proposed regulatory implementation. TAG members include the chair, Sir Rob Fenwick, Lesley Campbell, Graham Stuart, Graeme Sinclair and Harry Burkhardt. 

Future Of Our Fisheries. MPI. 11 November 2016

These are the four consultation volumes issued by the Ministry for Primary Industries on November 11th 2016. They are large, comprehensive documents and take a bit of effort to get through to the end. Also below is a copy of the slideshow presentation used at the various public meetings held around the country to discuss this FOOF intiative. 

MPI Volume 1 - Summary document

Overview of proposals explaining the three strategic proposals and two proposed regulatory changes.


MPI Volume 2 - Fisheries Management System Review

Details about each of the three strategic proposal and various options to achieve the desired outcomes.


MPI Volume 3 - Integrated Electronic Monitoring and Reporting System

Proposed staged introduction of electronic and geospatial reporting from commercial vessels from 1 October 2017, and staged introduction of electronic monitoring of commercial vessels from 1 Oct 2018.


MPI Volume 4 - Enabling Innovative Trawl Technologies (EITT)

Various initiatives to enable use of different trawl gear by amending existing regulations (MPI's preferred option), using non-regulatory provisions, or deregulating the use of trawl gear. 


MPI Presentation to public meetings

Slideshow presentation used by MPI at public meetings to explain the FOOF proposals and next steps.

Fisheries System Review 2015. MPI Aug-Dec 2015

The initial review process that Minister Guy advised could provide for potential changes to fisheries management processes, regulatory changes and amendments to the Fisheries Act.

Reference material

Integrating the recreational sector into fishery management. 2003

A Marine Policy paper: Angling management organizations: integrating the recreational sector into fishery management. By Sutinen Jon G. and Johnston Robert J. This 2003 paper discusses means to integrate recreational fishing into a country's fisheries management system. This has relevance to the current, 2017, review as it shows that the notion of squeezing recreational fishing into the quota management (in New Zealand's case) is not new. Some sections have been highlighted to help you understand what this concept means and that it is based on the assmption that recreational fishers and fishing are the source of conflict and depletion issues.