Go Fuel Questions


GO Fuel Information 

• Mobil, BP and Z cardscan be used nationwide at participating service stations.
• Z cards offer Fly Buys / Airpoints.
• Mobil and BP cardswork at GOfuel marine sites – refer to our Marine Map for locations and card use.
• Truckstop discounts on application.
• We can issue multiple cards linked to one account for you / your family / your business.
• You can set spending limits and purchase options for each card.
• Discounts are allocated to you at time of invoice.
• Discount offer includes GST.
• Invoices / statements sent by email.
• Credit Terms = Direct Debit (Direct Credit by approval).
               Direct Debit on the 14th of the following month for service station use.
               Direct Debit on the 14th and 29th of the month for marine use.
• Oils / lubes at member prices delivered to your door.
• See www.gofuel.co.nz for full terms and conditions.