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Club Marine Insurance Offer

Dear NZSFC affiliated club members and supporters,

On your behalf, NZSFC has negotiated an arrangement with Club Marine that allows for you to insure your boat with them and have 15% of the premium paid to the club you belong to or nominate as a commission.

For example if your premium is $500 per annum, then your club will get $75. If 100 people in your club sign up with Club Marine with a similar level of premium then your club stands to earn a commission of $7,500. The more we support Club Marine as a collective the more opportunity there is for us to have both competitive premiums and rewarding commissions.

After a couple of years we would like to be able to increase this commission payment percentage to clubs – the old ‘walk before you run’ routine.

Aside from this fantastic commission proposal, Club Marine also offers its policy holders;

A no – claims bonus of up to 25%
5% discount when renewing your policy on-line
Club Marine will also cover You for loss of entry fees that are not refundable and paid by You and Your crew up to $1,000 should a claim under the Policy cause You to withdraw from a fishing tournament or yacht racing event. The cover provided by this benefit will only be paid if the loss or damage sustained by Your Boat necessitates Your withdrawal (prior to the commencement of the event) and no Excess will apply for these lost entry fees.
Free emergency and personal assistance service
Emergency claims line 24 hours / 7 days a week
The very informative Club Marine magazine



To take advantage of this deal it’s easy! It takes less than 5 minutes to get a no obligation quote to compare to your existing insurance premium – and that includes any existing policy you might have with Club Marine itself!

Just contact the Secretary for a code for your club on 0274-853-600.  Using this code ensures that the rebate will come back to your club.

Once you have taken note of your clubs code number, you will be required to input this code in the "Promotional Code" section just before Club Marine produces your premium quotation.

Click on the "Get a Quote" tab below to take you to the Club Marine website and start filling in your details.

If for any reason you have any issues please contact




Q. What if I already have my insurance with Club Marine?
A. At renewal time you can contact Club Marine on 0800 88 2582 and advise them that you would like to transfer your existing policy and participate in the NZSFC scheme.

Q. Do Club marine offer monthly instalments?
A. Yes, however to offer the best premiums to our members there may be interest and an administration fee charged for this – Please contact Club Marine on 0800 88 2582 to discuss this option.

Q. What type of vessel best fits with Club Marine?
A. Club Marine will look at all vessels, but they specialise in boats under 20 years old.

Q. Do Club Marine cover my Fishing Gear while on the boat?
A. Yes, Fishing Gear*, Water Ski Equipment, Diving equipment and Tools is limited to $500 for each item and $5000 in total for all items combined unless otherwise agreed in the schedule. [Conditions apply: (a) For loss or damage to Personal Effects, Fishing Gear*, Diving Equipment, Water Ski Equipment and Tools unless they were stored on or being used on Your Boat at the time of loss or damage; or
(b) For Theft from Your Boat of Personal Effects, Fishing Gear*, Diving Equipment, Water Ski Equipment and Tools unless there is physical evidence of violent and forcible entry into a lockable part of Your Boat.]

* NB: 'Fishing Gear’ means rods & reels used for the purpose of recreational/sport fishing owned by You.

Q. How does the Club Marine rebate scheme work?
A. The NZSFC receives a 15% commission on new policies and a 10% commission on renewal of existing business on the risk component of the premium only. No commission is paid on the Government levies or the magazine.

The 15% reduces to 10% after the first year of cover. This commission is paid to NZSFC monthly. The actual commission paid to NZSFC works out at about 8.5% of the premium paid – it varies based on vessel type and circumstances. NZSFC then distributes the commission back to the affiliated clubs at 6% commission on the total premium whilst the balance is retained by the NZSFC to implement and administer this business as well as establishing a reserve for unforeseen circumstances. As administration costs reduce the commission paid to the NZSFC clubs will be reviewed with a view to increasing the commission.

Last year I was down at our family Bach in Tairua with my two children, my mate and his two kids.
The weather wasn’t the best but we were keen to get out for a Kingie jig. What should have been a simple run through the bar went bad when a rogue wave came out of nowhere.

My 7 metre hardtop took the wave well but we landed hard resulting in the windscreen shattering all through the boat. We turned around and came back in feeling pretty disappointed.

What turned this around for me was a call to my insurance company, Club Marine who was understanding and asked me to send in a couple of photos and an email of what happened. Within 48 hours I was rung back – claim approved! I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I now have faith not only in my boat, but also Club Marine if anything goes wrong again.

- Keith Walker